Out of the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, in the Lone Star State of Texas, comes MysticVerse.  MysticVerse is an afrofuturistic, conscious, hip and trip-hop duo featuring the syncopated, lyrical flows and soulful vocal stylings of Raven Looks Deeply (aka Brenian Swift) and Waxing Moon (aka Mokah Soulfly).  The music is a combination of dubby, tribal rhythms and afrofuturistic, new wave-techno-funk soundscapes courtesy of first-time, indie producer, Sky Page (aka Brenian Swift) in his debut production, “Escape from Scar City:  A Beginner’s Guide to Terraforming Part 1.”

Escape from Scar City:  A Beginner’s Guide to Terraforming Part 1 is a multidimensional concept album, eight years in the making, that involves the merging of artistic and literary genres including music, singing, rapping, spoken word, afrofuturistic, philosophical mythos, and theatrical performance art.  One of the chief aims of the MysticVerse duo, with the release of this epic project, is to spearhead the birth of a new genre of performance art coined, “Afrofuturo, Hip-Gnostic, Space Hopera.” Afrofuturo, Hip-Gnostic, Space Hopera is a colorfully expressive, ritualistic  and theatrical art form designed to achieve the following:  stir a fanciful sense of awe-inspiring wonder with the use of mystical imagery and ambiance,  enlighten minds with lyrics containing pearls of esoteric wisdom, and spawn a cultural revolution that favors free-spirit self-determinism over docile, systematic servitude and champions the concern for the welfare and wellbeing of people over the making of profit without principle.  The intent of MysticVerse is evident in a lyrical quote taken from Raven Looks Deeply off one of the tracks on the album titled Bang!Zooom!!! “Spitting refining fyah (fire yielding alchemical heat) for all those who desire to ignite that inner light guaranteed to inspire.”  More of this intent is also represented in a quote from Waxing Moon off the album track titled Terraforming.  “Waxing Moon’s only rule on this ride, I just want you to be; goin’ inside where the kingdom lies we setting you free.”

Raven Looks Deeply and Waxing Moon are no strangers to the local hip-hop scene of the DFW (Dallas Ft. Worth area).  As solo artists both Brenian Swift and Mokah Soulfly have performed on a multitude of stages and have recorded released material on a number of tracks for up and coming fellow indie artists and producers in the DFW.  In addition to MysticVerse and working on their separate solo projects as Mokah Soulfly and Brenian Swift, true to form as socially conscious artists, creative activists, and advocates for indie, conscious music, Mokah and Brenian own, produce, and co-host the Grass Root Salute Live Video Show – a live, socially conscious, internet based radio show (On Air Live) that provides a forum for indie conscious hip-hop artists’ (among other musical genres) music and voices to be heard and seen on video by a global audience.

In the name MysticVerse, which is nothing short of a double entendre, a lot is revealed according to Raven Looks Deeply.  “MysticVerse speaks to the ability of words of power spoken spiritedly by the hip-gnostic M.C., as in a true master of ritualistic ceremony, to conjure and summon cosmological forces, within and without,  to influence and alter the shape of what is by transforming human consciousness in such a way that a portal to the potential of the unseen realm of the mysticverse is opened – a place where all things are probable and possible through the insight and influence of intuitive vision made manifest.”  The project is available NOW for pre-sale and releases worldwide on 05/20/2016; the world will no doubt get a good taste of what Raven Looks Deeply eludes to firsthand.


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